Makeover your room without spending money

Makeover your room without spending money

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You have more than enough decoration of your room but financially, it is not at all the time to spend a penny? Do not panic, we give you our best ideas to revamp this piece without budget. This is a perfect activity for a weekend, which will allow you to bring a breath of fresh air to your room!

Declutter the room

And yes, this may be the cheapest advice in the history of makeovers, but it is probably the best for anyone who wants to renovate a space. bedroom, around the bed, in the drawers. Throw away anything that isn't actually useful. Sort through your closets and donate or sell the clothes you no longer wear. Then look at the room and ask yourself if your room is accessible. By this we mean, is it easy to go around the bed or do you run into small pieces of furniture that you have added over the years because you were offered them or because that you find it pretty, 5 years ago! Separate yourself from items that are surplus and not essential. You'll see how new your room will look to you once you've really cleared that room.

Leave only essential furniture in this room

Clean your bedding, all your bedding

You want to change, a different room and you do not want or can not invest in this room. Why not give your bedding a facelift? What we offer you is not simply to change your sheets as you do regularly (it is important to purify the air in your room), but it is to really wash everything. Clean your pillows and your mattress. Most pillows support machine washing well, just check on the label. As for the mattress, you can clean it easily with inexpensive methods. Simply brush it with a sponge soaked in dishwashing liquid, soda crystals or white vinegar that you pass over the mattress, then rinse with a damp sponge. Then let it dry for several hours. Cleaning all your bedding is guaranteed to have a real new feeling when you fall asleep.

Clean your bedding

Rotate your furniture

You are tired of your bedroom but no longer know how to make it look different and new. Do you need to feel like a new room when you walk in without spending any money? Deal with what you have! You will be surprised to see that certain pieces of furniture are interchangeable and above all you will not see them at all in the same way from one room to another. This small pedestal table in the living room can be used as a nightstand. The chest near the sofa can be sanded and you can, for example, put your sheets on it. Sometimes it only takes a little imagination and creativity to make something new, with what is not. Remember to move your dressers and invert them with those in your living room, with accessories dedicated to each room, your furniture will adapt easily. Even the cushions that you have on your sofa can find their place in your bedroom. Try !

Rotate your furniture between your different rooms

Recycle and DIY

You would not be against a slightly vintage and retro spirit in your room and even an industrial touch. If you are a little handyman and you want a unique room like no other, why not get started in recycling and DIY. You can recover many materials for free or almost. Make night tables with hollow concrete blocks and even shelves with a guaranteed designer feel. Use pallets for your box spring or your headboard to combine the softness of wood and modernity. And collect the wooden wine boxes to make libraries. Who said the decor was expensive? With these materials often ready to be thrown away, you make yourself a new and atypical room.

A pallet bed, what a great idea!


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