Our tips for making a cozy room

Our tips for making a cozy room

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Whether in summer or winter, there is a room in the house where you want to feel good at all costs: the bedroom. No matter its size, the main thing is that it is as cozy as you want, for sleeping and lounging there.

With the hygge or lagom trends - which come straight from Scandinavian countries - the bedroom has become even more of a real refuge. Thanks to a few well-thought-out tips and a cocooning arrangement, your bedroom will quickly become cozy. Only concern: you may never want to leave it again!

Have cozy bed linen

For have a cozy room, it is essential to have a cozy bed. And for that, do not hesitate to invest in cozy bed linen!

Materials like linen or cotton are perfect for your bed linen. Opt for plain ornaments, in light shades, which will make your room brighter but also more soothing. Linen and cotton are two materials that are suitable for both summer and winter temperatures. They have thermal properties that keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.

On your bed, to make it even more cozy, you can add a quilt, a quilt or even a plaid. Coarse woolen blankets are particularly suitable for a cozy atmosphere

The quilts, often made of velvet, bring a chic touch to the whole. Often as thick as comforters, they keep you warm in your bed if you are chilly.

Collect pillows

Here is a decorative solution to make your cozy bedroom. The accumulation of pillows and other cushions on your bed makes it even more cozy, especially if you choose pillows that are all in the same shade of color. You can however vary the sizes of these, for a more aesthetic rendering.

Do not hesitate to also have cocooning cushions, in materials such as wool, faux fur or even velvet.

During the day, this accumulation of pillows offers you incomparable comfort for lounging or reading a good book. In the evening, they will have to be removed to be able to go to bed.

Install a carpet at the foot of the bed

Feeling the cold ground under your feet every morning is not necessarily pleasant. So think about installing a nice cozy carpet next to your bed, or at the foot of it.

The carpets warm the floor while decorating the room. Prefer carpets of light colors, in a Berber or Scandinavian spirit, for keep the cozy side of your bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, you can opt for small faux fur rugs (in a dimension 60x90cm) that you can install on each side of the bed. Round carpets in fluffy material can also be adapted to this type of room, provided that you do not choose them in a bright color.

Hang a light garland

The light garlands are no longer exclusively reserved for Christmas. Very trendy, especially on Instagram, they bring soft, soft light conducive to cocooning in the bedroom.

Hang a LED light chain around your headboard or on a wall panel, to have a less aggressive light than with your ceiling light.

You can also create a very soft bedside lamp with a thin light garland, which you install under a glass bell. For this type of installation, opt for a battery-powered light chain, available at low prices in all decoration stores.

Install a wooden bench at the end of the bed

Your cozy room must also be practical. To put on your shoes or get dressed in the morning, install a Scandinavian style wooden bench at the end of your bed. Wood is one of the cocooning materials that we find a lot in Scandinavian decoration.

To make it even more pleasant and especially very decorative, do not hesitate to install a fake fur on the seat of the bench. You can divert a faux fur rug like those sold at Ikea for this use.