Makeover your child's bedroom in 5 steps

Makeover your child's bedroom in 5 steps

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Does your child go on vacation to his grandparents? And if you take the opportunity to revamp his room? Whether to give it a little fresh air, or because your mini has grown and the princesses or pirates are no longer on the agenda, know that a renovation cannot be improvised! Dé helps you plan the different stages of this refreshment!

1. Set a budget for renovating your child's bedroom

To revamp your child's room, you must first define a fixed envelope of work. A renovation necessarily has a cost: starting with painting… Do you paint the walls? The ceiling ? Evaluate the amount of paint necessary to use and choose your paint accordingly! Count around 30 euros per square meter. For wallpaper, the budget will rather be 45 euros per square meter. But you can just buy one or two decorative strips. Have you planned to redo the floor ? Installing a parquet will cost between 50 and 180 euros per square meter. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, will be more affordable (around 35 euros per m2), and the cost will be even lower if you opt for a parquet-like lino. Finally, are you thinking of changing the whole decor or just a few elements? Are you just going to paint the wardrobe to give it a second life? In short, it is important to make a list of everything you want to do and allocate a budget for each type of work.

Painting, flooring, accessories: set a budget for each item!

2. Choose the decor for your child's room

To arrange a cozy cocoon so that your child feels at home supposes that you choose a furniture adapted to his age, evolving, but also and especially a decoration which corresponds to his tastes. If he is aware of the makeover, you can see with him what tempts him according to the planned purchases (materials, colors…): do not hesitate to make a preselection, to avoid that he gets too loose! If you buy furniture online, also consider delivery time which can be counted in weeks for certain furniture! If it's the surprise, you can still, from 8/10 years old make with him a moodboard (inspiration board): take a large A3 sheet and plan some decorative magazines. Ask him to cut out whatever he likes and inspire him “for a surprise” or during a manual activity, and make a collage. This will give you ideas!

How about a graphic Scandinavian design for your toddler?

3. Empty and sort the child's room for work

If your child is aware of the renovation, put him to work to sort and tidy up his room as much as possible before the refitting. Make several piles: * what he absolutely wants to keep. * what is no longer his age, no longer interests him. Give to associations or sell what can be: this allows you to round off your work budget in a very interesting way! Be careful however to do it early: look at the garage sales in your area upstream or sell online! * which is too damaged: do not hesitate to put this pile in the trash. It is sometimes difficult to part with certain objects, but try not to be too sentimental. If you surprise your toddler, sort it yourself and if in doubt, put it aside and see with him afterwards. No odds!

What will you throw away / keep / revamp from the old decor?

4. Attack the paint to revamp the child's room

The room is finally empty, it's time to get started! On the paint side, you can either wash your walls to clean them well (but it will take 2 or 3 days of drying), or dust them with a damp cloth. Let dry well before repainting. Choose a thinnable paint with water: they emit almost no odor, and dry faster. The acrylic paints are pleasant to apply and dry in 1 hour maximum. Oil paints, on the other hand, require a drying time of between 4 and 9 hours! As it is advisable to put at least two coats for a more uniform and smooth finish, make your choice according to the time available to do the work! For a child's room, we recommend light and pastel colors without falling into the total look. Do not hesitate to ask for samples in store, to choose well. You can paint one wall in color and the rest in white, or play on winks with original stickers.

When the painting is finished, admire the result!

5. Arrange your child's revamped room

The most pleasant decoration step remains: the layout. Define the living spaces well: the bed (the mezzanine beds leave more room for games), a desk adapted to its size and needs for working, a relaxation area with ottomans and cushions ... His bedroom is his space: put at his disposal what he may need! And once the furniture is arranged, think of personalizing his room so that your child already feels at home. Photos of him and his friends, of you, his favorite stuffed animals, his first name on the door… In short, make this new room look like him while being amazing, and the bet will be won!

The decor: the moment we prefer in the renovation of the children's room!