5 decorative ideas to put your house in summer mode

5 decorative ideas to put your house in summer mode

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We slow down the pace, we look for freshness, we invest in the shadows… Summer is here. It's time to switch your home decor to vacation mode! From the kitchen to the bedroom, via the living room and the balcony, every corner goes into summer mode. On the program: color, vegetation and light textures. The season has started: here are our decor ideas for a summer home!

1 / A room on the French Riviera for the summer

If you don't have a view of the Atlantic Ocean, bring the flagship color of summer into your room. Take the opportunity to change your bed linen for a fresh linen set, while mixing the shades of blue. Install small bamboo bedside tables and sun mirrors. It is also an opportunity to bring out your collection of seashells, gleaned here and there, to expose and contemplate them before going to bed. The underwater treasures may well accompany all your summer nights.

A bed set that smells of sea air is already a good start!

2 / A kitchen like in the countryside for summer decoration

For a beautiful holiday atmosphere, go green with your kitchen! So make room for nature by installing climbing ivies, large branches of trees and aromatic herbs in pots. It feels like (almost) in the countryside. Also display your fruits and vegetables and especially lemons and citrus fruits which will bring a tangy note to the room. If you have a large wooden table, that's perfect: you can display your beautiful flowered plates there. Otherwise, cover your table with a pretty green tablecloth, ideally in linen or striped, to highlight the tones of the room.

The campaign invites itself to your table this summer: open the bird cage!

3 / Relaxing decor for an extended summer

Whether it is to protect yourself from the heat wave, or simply to enjoy the mild mornings and summer evenings, create a small, cozy and relaxing corner inside for your moments of idleness. Don't hesitate to move the living room furniture to reorganize the space, because a main residence is also a house that changes with the seasons. So choose a nice chaise longue or a large armchair, and accompany them with a small, light and easy-to-carry pedestal table, to accommodate your cold drinks throughout the summer. Do not forget the well-padded cushions and keep a fan close at hand in the event of a sharp rise in temperature.

To bubble at home, will you choose the armchair, the sofa or the deckchair in the background?

4 / A garden that takes its summer quarters

Certainly, the house is transformed to go into summer mode, but the garden is not to be outdone. Invest the premises by cleaning it from top to bottom and installing beautiful garden furniture. Contemporary curves and pop colors for a modern atmosphere, or antique and patinated furniture for a bucolic spirit as in the countryside ... It's up to you. In any case, do not forget the swing to laze at the bottom of the garden, as well as a nice parasol to read in the shade and lanterns to extend the moment of relaxation when the sun goes down! Simple pleasures don't count for much.

With hanging lanterns, you will feel light, light, light ...!

5 / A balcony for traveling

Who says vacation, says shaded area away from everything to snooze. Make your balcony a special place for your summer evenings by arranging it as it should be. You can, for example, opt for a tropical atmosphere by choosing plants and exotic furniture. Goal ? You create a little jungle not far from the city. Balconies in the oriental style are also popular in summer. Then opt for benches, lanterns and Moroccan accessories. Warmth and friendliness at the rendezvous.

Romeo is no longer waiting for you on the balcony, it's summer!


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