Decorative selection for a Zen and natural atmosphere

Decorative selection for a Zen and natural atmosphere

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Do you dream of a Zen interior and a natural decor? Trendy accessories, Scandinavian furniture, raw materials and soft colors: we have selected the must-haves of natural decoration to easily transform the house into a cocooning haven of peace. Blow, the decor will do good.

A natural suspension

In wicker, rattan, bamboo, paper, mixed vegetable fibers ... It doesn't matter as long as the suspension is light, light in color and with a natural appearance. This essential Zen decor dims the light and softens the look of the ceiling light, enough to transform the atmosphere of the living room!

Scandinavian buffet

The Scandinavian trend masters the zen and natural atmosphere at your fingertips. We adopt it without hesitation for furniture that is both light and practical, starting with a designer sideboard: white, wooden, low to clear the view and on feet for an airy look. We put the tablecloths or the candles there, we transform it into a bar or a library, as desired!

A plant carpet

To add a natural touch to the living room without getting complicated, we put on a vegetal rug with a rustic appearance. Bamboo for a more chic style, soft underfoot, coconut for a more raw, ultra-resistant appearance, its blonde color lights up the decor. Especially if it is associated with accessories or white furniture in a Zen atmosphere!

A rope pouffe

In rope or rattan, these pretty poufs welcome guests around the coffee table, transform into mini-tables for children ... or beds for cats. And for those who feel the DIY soul, we opt for the homemade solution by sticking coiled rope on an old tire.

Green plants

Who says natural decoration says green plants! They are sown throughout the living room, adapting the varieties to the light. And to further accentuate the natural and zen side of the decor, we slip them into a mixture of planters in soft colors ... or woven baskets serving as planters, the latest decorating favorite for amateurs.

Rattan chair

She too is making a comeback on the decor scene. This is great, since the rattan chair is the queen of a Zen and natural interior. We choose a real armchair or several chairs, to associate with a sofa or other softer armchairs. The perfect mix? Rattan furniture (or cane!) With Scandinavian furniture in soft colors.

A wooden bench

Handcrafted or industrial, it is chosen in raw wood to enhance its natural appearance. And this little bench that has become essential adapts to all living rooms, at the end of the sofa or as an additional seat, next to the fireplace or under the window. It can even be transformed into a coffee table for an original decoration! Not the place? We choose a coffee table version…

Raw storage

Another trendy and versatile decorative accessory: baskets, baskets or chests allow you to store (or camouflage) all the objects in the show: children's toys, magazines lying around, plaid reserve, etc. since a Zen lounge is a tidy lounge ! And whatever the shape, as long as the materials are raw, natural, light in color.