8 accessories for a good chimney fire!

8 accessories for a good chimney fire!

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Who does not dream of a good chimney fire? Warming up by the fire with hot chocolate, enjoying family moments, smelling the smell of smoking wood… Having a fireplace is good, being equipped is even better. Range of logs, firewall or frame, here are 8 accessories for a great outbreak!

Log bag, € 20 *, Esschert Design

Are you looking for an alternative to the wicker basket for transporting and storing your logs or small wood next to the fireplace? Think of the log bag! Light and very practical, it can be folded up and cleaned easily thanks to its waterproof canvas.

Log range, € 38.90 *, Wadiga

Rather than letting your logs take the water outside, make it a decorative asset with this range of clean steel logs. Arranged next to the fireplace, it will bring it a designer touch and allow you to have your supply of logs close at hand!

Designer black electric fireplace, € 639 *, Kamin Klaus

Treat yourself to a good chimney fire in your living room even if the chimney flue is not functional. With an electric fireplace, everything becomes possible. Opt for this designer black model: guaranteed friendly moments, less housekeeping!

Ceruse wood fireplace surround, € 222.09 *, Décoration d'Autrefois

For you, the fireplace rhymes with the cachet of the old. If you don't have a vintage fireplace, let yourself be tempted by a wooden fireplace mantel. A nice way to dress a wall or a stove with elegance, and to have fun on the decor side thanks to the tray!

© Fleur Louis Large screened firewall, € 99 *, Chemin de Campagne

If the hearth of your fireplace is open, it is better to protect the surroundings with a large decorative iron firewall. In full blast, you will no longer fear projections, and the rest of the time, the firewall will bring an industrial touch to your living room!

© Fleur Louis Log basket, € 49.50 *, Chemin de Campagne

With a fireplace, you always need a log holder to store the wood. In a flea market decoration, this stylish iron basket will do wonders. And in summer, you can always transform it into an elegant magazine or magazine rack!

© Fleur Louis Wrought iron fireplace set, € 92.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

To safely start and maintain a good chimney fire, it is best to be equipped. Broom, shovel, poker and pliers, you will have all the necessary paraphernalia on this wrought iron fireplace set. A decorative accessory with a strong character!

© Fleur Louis Ash vacuum cleaner, € 52.80 *, Aubry Gaspard

Cleaning a fireplace is never a pleasure, it must be admitted. So we make our lives easier and we invest in a chimney ash vacuum cleaner. What chain outbreaks without asking questions! If you are still hesitating about decorating the fireplace, this is something to give you ideas! img id = "232852" / Price found on the site on 03/23/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.