How to lay fiberglass?

How to lay fiberglass?

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A darling of renovation work and careful wall decorations, fiberglass is second to none to hide the imperfections and irregularities of our interior walls… We still have to master the art of laying fiberglass. Since the technique is accessible even to DIY enthusiasts, the editorial team will show you how to install fiberglass in 5 steps.

Our 5 key steps:

- Before installing fiberglass: we equip ourselves - Installing wallpaper: preparing the site - How to install fiberglass? The art of cutting - Laying fiberglass: we glue - Place the laying of fiberglass

1. Before laying fiberglass: we get ready!

If the technique of laying the glass cloth is easy and accessible, it does however require special tools. Before getting down to site preparation, make sure you have all the necessary equipment: - A roller, - An upholstery brush, - A cutter, - Lead wire, - A sponge, - A seal, - A meter, - A ruler - A pencil, - A masking brush, - A stepladder ... Without forgetting of course the fiberglass of your choice as well as a special fiberglass glue.

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2. Laying fiberglass: site preparation

Before laying fiberglass on the wall, it is advisable to prepare the site well: - Sanitize the wall: before being covered, the wall must be clean, dry, smooth and uniform. Dust it, wash it and smooth it out, patching up cracks and holes if necessary with filler. - Prepare the glue: mix the glue evenly by referring to the manufacturer's instructions, then leave to stand. - Trace the marks in pencil on the wall: using a meter and a plumb line, they will allow you to position your first fiberglass strip (and the following ones) perfectly perpendicular and vertical.

3. How to lay fiberglass: the art of cutting

Let's go for the cutting of the glass cloth in strips called strips. Your mission, if you accept it: - Measure the height of your walls: to determine the precise size of the strips to be cut. - Determine the dimensions of the strips to be laid: you will add a precautionary margin of 5 cm at the top and bottom of each strip (the scraps will be cut once the glass cloth is stuck to the wall). To your calculations! - Cut the strips: using a cutter and a ruler to obtain very clear cuts.

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4. Apply fiberglass: we glue

Coat the wall with special glass cloth glue to glue the first strip using a roller (for surfaces) and a brush (for angles). To do this, be sure to: - Load the roller / brush: and presto: in the pot of glue! For perfect adhesion, the adhesive layer should be generous. - Wring out any excess glue: thank you the edge of the glue jar ... - Coat the wall from top to bottom: so as to spread the glue vertically, over the entire installation surface. - Glue gradually: For optimal wall decoration, gluing must be done as and when laying the strips to prevent the glue from drying out. We therefore avoid gluing the entire surface of the wall at once.

5. Make way for laying fiberglass

The installation of the first fiberglass strip determines the success (or not) of the entire operation. So we take a deep breath and stay focused ... Objective of the operation? Glue the first strip perfectly vertical to the wall. To do this, you will need to: - Lay the fiberglass strips from the top of the wall. - Follow the marks drawn on the wall in step 2 of this article. - Allow the margin of error to exceed a few centimeters at the level of the ceiling and baseboards. - Apply to with an upholstery brush to remove air bubbles and excess glue. - Wipe off any excess glue with a damp sponge. - Cut the excess canvas at the plinths and the ceiling using a cutter or a masking knife. Now that the first strip of fiberglass has been laid, will we let you take over?