3 irresistible summer salads

3 irresistible summer salads

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Crunchy, refreshing, delicious, tasty and colorful, summer salads have everything to please the palate… and the decor of the summer table! Selection of 3 summer salads as gourmet as decorative to change from the classic tomato mozzarella salad.

1 / Chicken and pea salad with mint

Green is in the spotlight in this salad full of freshness, vitality and creative simplicity. Chicken strips, fresh mint, arugula, green peas, shallots, olive oil and sherry vinegar combine brilliantly for the pleasure of the taste buds and pupils… A summer salad of choice to bring a gourmet and light note to the summer table.

Chicken, peas and mint leaves for a refreshing salad!

2 / Grilled vegetable salad

The salad of grilled sun vegetables has the advantage of making everyone agree: gourmets, vegetarians, lovers of grilled cuisine, followers of seasonal vegetables, fans of Italian gastronomy and passionate about beautiful decorative tables ... Zucchini, eggplant , green, yellow and red peppers make up a summer salad that throws in both taste and aesthetics.

A delicious salad that will not only appeal to vegetarians!

3 / Watermelon, feta and black olives salad

We end this selection with THE perfect summer salad to face the heat wave! Squares of watermelon, feta with herbs, black Greek olives, diced red onions, a hint of olive oil, a hint of lemon juice, a zest of parsley leaves (to replace with mint if it's really hot) and the temperature is immediately more pleasant. Not to spoil anything, this salad brings nice touches of color to the decor of the garden table.

The Mediterranean on your table? Impossible to refuse!


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