Which dream bed should you choose for your child?

Which dream bed should you choose for your child?

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Princess beds, for sleeping while seeing life in pink

If your daughter is a Disney princess at heart, her favorite color is pink and she wants a bed totally in her image, do not think too long: what she needs is a princess bed! That's good: to meet the expectations of little girly girls, designers do not lack imagination, and to please your little princess, you will be spoiled for choice between bed models for little girls as :

  • The "version" bedprincess carriage ", with steps on the sides, fixed wheels, false doors through which your little Cinderella will go back to bed. Not to mention royal details like crowns and other luxury ornaments!
  • The "version" bedprincess castle", a dream bed with a dungeon, and above all a raised sleeping area, with a lower section under the bed for an additional play area ... or to store all your toys! Some beds of this kind are even designed with integrated slides for maximum fun and fun. The dream!
  • The four poster bed. A little more classic than the girls' beds in the shape of a carriage or a princess castle certainly. But having said that, opting for a canopy bed means choosing a princess bed… which your daughter can keep for longer years than a very stamped "child" bed. A smart choice therefore!

Dream beds for boys

We will not lie: the universe of children's beds is still very very gendered. So if for girls it is pink and the princess atmosphere that dominate, for boys it will be especially blue and the atmosphere vroum vroum, with in particular:

  • of the car shaped beds : classic car, formula 1, without forgetting the police car or the fire truck. Beds that are sure to transport your little one to dreamland in less time than it takes to say it!
  • of the airplane or boat shaped beds : if your little boy is not really a fan of a car but still wants a dream bed capable of depositing it at the sandman's, this is ideal! An airplane bed with a propeller at the front and wings, or a blue and white boat-shaped boat: pretty cool isn't it?

The wonderful beds for girls and boys

Good news: if your daughter is not a fan of pink and does not dream of becoming a princess, and if your son does not love blue and does not want to become a firefighter, there are dream beds for children more neutral, which will suit both little boys and girls. For example :

  • A hut bed perched in the forest ", a raised bed that will give your child the impression of sleeping in a small house in the woods!
  • A bunk bed "London bus": a double bed on 2 floors exactly like London buses, perfect if you have twins or twins, or even 2 children who sleep in the same room and who do not want to sleep side by side!