Veranda Rideau, quality and French manufacturing

Veranda Rideau, quality and French manufacturing

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Founded in 1975 by Gustave Rideau, Veranda Rideau is today the leader in aluminum verandas in France. With its ambassador Stéphane Plaza, the company wishes to promote its brand image. Quality being the watchword of Veranda Rideau, thanks to a 100% French manufacturing perfectly mastered in La Roche-sur-Yon. The many labels and certifications, Qualibat, Qualicoat, Qualimarine, Cékal, acquired over the years are also guarantees of security.

Having its own production line allows Veranda Rideau to offer complete customization. Colors, shapes, dimensions, the veranda meets all the expectations and needs of customers. More than a winter garden, the veranda becomes a real extension of the house. With all the technologies and innovations necessary for true living comfort.

Professionals are available throughout France to provide the necessary advice in the choice and design of the veranda. They also support each of their clients in administrative procedures with town planning. Knowing that for a veranda larger than 20 m² a building permit request is necessary.

With 90 advice spaces throughout France, Veranda Rideau wants to be as close as possible to its customers. This is why the company seeks to develop perpetually. The Pontault Combault advisory space is the second to have opened in Ile de France. This proximity also makes it possible to offer an address book of trusted service providers, to prepare the foundations that will welcome the new veranda. Rideau is also a recruiting company. In addition to wanting to develop its advisory space networks, numerous positions are to be filled each year.

Contact : Pontault Combault consulting area, rue de Monthéty, ZAC du Petit Noyer, 77340 Pontault Combault Telephone: 01 60 28 92 19 Site: