How to clean leather?

How to clean leather?

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Elegant and timeless, leather is available in all areas for an always as attractive effect: clothing, accessory or decoration, we love this singular material which improves with time. To ensure its longevity and appearance, we explain how to clean it so that it retains its beautiful appearance.

Our advices

- Daily maintenance - Miracle products - Good gestures - Cleaning the inside of a leather

1. Daily maintenance

Healthy leather deserves! So we take the time to pamper it regularly. What we note: * Like our skin, leather is subject to dehydration, so it is important to moisturize it. * Leather is not very fond of repeated sunbathing. It will tend to change color - in the same way that the epidermis becomes colored on contact with UV rays! * Whether flexible or rigid, leather marks quickly. However, it is important never to rub it! It could lose its pigments or partially tear if the area is already weakened.

2. Miracle products

Hydrated leather, kept away from UV rays should therefore last a long time, but also be more resistant to dirt. Cleaning - to be done once a year depending on use, can be done at home with everyday products. * Cleansing milk: a true ally for cleaning leather, it is soft and… hydrating. The ideal duo to eliminate dust and blackness. * Talc: to be used in case of fatty marks so that it soaks up fatty substances. * Glycerin: in the event of large stains, a small amount is placed on a cloth so that the impurities are transferred there. * Alum stone and bicarbonate: they will be useful in eliminating bad smells, tobacco, food or perspiration.

3. The right gestures

With the magic potions listed, now is the time to move on to cleaning. And for this operation, only one watchword: delicacy. We take care of the leather so as not to attack it and obtain a perfect result. * When cleaning you can use a cotton ball, the soft side of a sponge or a cloth. We only use smooth and soft materials. * Use circular gestures, without too much emphasis. The cleaning product should just brush against the leather. * Finally, after each cleaning, wipe the material with a clean cloth to remove excess.

4. Clean the inside of a leather

© Ikea Sometimes the inside of a leather coat or pants is dirty. To clean this part properly we arm ourselves with two household products and a little patience. * Lay the leather garment flat on a large towel and sprinkle the part to be cleaned with a mixture of talc and baking soda. This mixture helps absorb fat and eliminate perspiration odors. * Leave to act overnight before dusting in the morning.


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