8 wellness accessories to take care of yourself!

8 wellness accessories to take care of yourself!

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What is more important than your well-being? After an exhausting day, nothing is more pleasant than taking care of yourself! For impeccable comfort, bet on our selection of Zen-style furniture and accessories!

© Philips

Air humidifier, € 69.90 *, Air Naturel

This humidifier is the ideal accessory to feel good at home! Equipped with a technology which allows it to regulate the ambient humidity, it will give you day after day unequaled comfort. You already like it ...

© The greenies

Essential oil diffuser, € 49.80 *, Zen Arôme

Make your well-being a priority, with this clever essential oil diffuser! Its subtle and delicate aromas will transform your interior into a true haven of peace. You just have to savor these moments of relaxation.

© Philips

Whirlpool shower, € 469 *, JFB Services

When it comes to taking care of yourself, can you dream of a better ally than a spa shower? Thanks to its adjustable jets, it will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of hydromassage. A pure moment of pleasure !

© Fleux

Ergonomic pillow, € 29.90 *, Hypnia

To feel good throughout the day, a restful night is the most effective! This ergonomic pillow will watch over your sleep, providing you with impeccable comfort. Close your eyes and let yourself be pampered!

© Ikea

Electric massage chair, € 201.99 *, VidaXL

What a joy to relax in an electric massage chair! Gradually, all your muscular tensions diminish, and a feeling of well-being invades you. Say goodbye to fatigue: it is only a distant memory!

© Emodi

Tea Time indoor fountain, € 49.80 *, Zen Light

The soothing virtues of water are no longer to be demonstrated! With this pretty lighted fountain, enjoy a serene and refined atmosphere. Who said that it was not possible to take care of yourself while beautifying your interior decor?

© Kiri

Whirlpool bath, € 1,389.20 *, Distribain

Relaxing in a bubble bath is a great way to take care of yourself! To fully enjoy these moments of pleasure, opt for this spacious and comfortable corner bathtub. It will allow you to recharge your batteries!

© Kiri

Home fragrance, € 29 *, Lou Candeloun

For your comfort and well-being, put some sun in your life! Choose this room fragrance with Provencal accents, and let the south invite you into your interior. Listen: you can almost hear the song of the cicadas ... To feel good at home, fill up on decorative ideas here! (*) Prices noted on the site on 03/15/2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.