8 designer and practical shoe cabinets!

8 designer and practical shoe cabinets!

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Closed shoe cabinet

With its modern and unadorned design, this Scandinavian shoe cabinet will make a beautiful decorative effect in your entry. Practical with its 5 doors, it can accommodate many pairs of shoes, but also all your accessories.

A discreet shoe rack

This white shoe rack (which can be found in the Swedish giant) knows how to blend in with the decor. Shallow, it takes up no space and will be very discreet in the entrance. AND the bonus, you can wall mount as many as you can / want!

A coat rack / shoe rack

A 2 in 1 piece of furniture for an entry that throws away: coat racks and shoe racks! With its clever storage niches and a rod, nothing will drag in your entry. A safe bet for sure!

The essential shoe cabinet

Very practical, this shoe rack with 2 shelves accommodates your sandals, heeled shoes as well as your boots. Most ? A bench that offers a very comfortable seat for (un) fitting. It's up to you to choose the color!

A timeless storage bench

This pretty shoe bench is sober and elegant. Once opened, its door gives way to two shelves, on which to store several pairs. Ideal for an entry in the chic country style!

A shoe cabinet dedicated to shoes

A deep gray, this shoe cabinet is perfect for a small entry: 4 open boxes to store your shoes but in which drawers can slide to house your keys and the mail of the day. For an entry to the top!

A modern and family shelf

Combining raw wood and metal legs, this pretty shelf becomes a perfect shoe cabinet for the whole family. It will find its place in an entrance hall, bedroom or veranda and thanks to its numerous shelves will facilitate storage.

A chest of drawers

This clear and elegant chest of drawers can store many pairs of shoes. Robust and timeless, it will hide your shoes and much more…


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