Clean your patio tiles

Clean your patio tiles

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Our advices

  1. Miracle products
  2. Each stain has its remedy
  3. Daily maintenance
  4. The product prohibited for patio tiles

1. Miracle products

Concrete, wooden, concrete or tiled terrace slab: whatever the material chosen for the coating of your terrace, it is necessary to clean it regularly.

No need to conquer large surfaces and other departments of DIY stores to clean the tiles on your terrace! We opt for healthy, ecological and economical cleaning thanks to house products.

  • Baking soda : we can't say it enough, it's THE perfect product for a healthy home. It cleans gently and respects the environment.
  • Soda crystals: as effective as bicarbonate, the crystals scrub deep and act as a scrub for raised surfaces.
  • White vinegar: we adopt it to disinfect and eliminate all kinds of bacteria.
  • Marseille soap: with its sweet scent, it whitens floors and other blackened areas in just a few minutes.

2. Each stain has its remedy

It is important to clearly identify the stain (s) you want to clean on your patio. Indeed, each type of stain has a very specific remedy, to restore your terrace tiles their shine!

  • Beverage stains (tea, coffee or alcohol): A sponge is enough when the stain is very fresh, otherwise apply a cloth soaked in water with glycerin.
  • The spots of our animal friends (excrement or urine): If the accident is not recent, use a brush to scrub with a mixture of coarsely grated Marseille soap and water. Powder detergent is also suitable. Do not forget to rinse with clear water!
  • Mother nature's spots: In the case of leaf or plant stains, we remove dirt left by the garden in the same way as a cat pee. For this, use Marseille soap. The only difference is that the product is left to act more (around 30 minutes) before rinsing it off.
  • Fat spots: We sprinkle the stain with an absorbent body. Flour, talcum powder or washing powder work perfectly for removing stains from cooking oil, for example. Once the area is dry, just dust it off. If the mark persists or is not recent, you can do the same with bicarbonate by rubbing with a brush.

3. Daily maintenance

A paved terrace can present certain reliefs in which the dirt loves to nestle. To facilitate spring cleaning, this surface is maintained daily. It could not be easier :

  • We waterproof the patio tilesto protect it from stubborn stains and soiling.
  • We clean the surface and the borders once or twice a month with a water / baking soda mixture to avoid the appearance of mold and black marks.
  • We remove natural trash (dead leaves and branches) regularly to keep a clean surface.
  • We sweep from time to time to unclog the tiles and remove excess dust.

4. The product prohibited on a patio slab

To wash a paved terrace, the facility would like to use strong chemicals - bleach or other oxidizing liquids. However, we strongly advise against using them.

Not only is bleach a real poison for the environment, but it also attacks floors such as concrete or wood. You will get an effective result in removing dirt but which will prove harmful in the long term for the coating as for the plants!

It is therefore recommended to use only the products mentioned above, to take care of your terrace on a daily basis!