Seaside style: tips for adopting it well

Seaside style: tips for adopting it well

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The marine print, the king of seaside style

It's no surprise: to create a seaside style atmosphere at home, the two colors that should dominate are ... the blue and white of course ! To do this, you can:

  • Either mix them independently (white walls, a blue armchair, a white sofa with blue cushions, decorative objects that combine the two colors, the combinations are endless!). Ideal for believing you are on the long haul! In addition, blue and white are soothing colors, perfect for a holiday atmosphere.
  • Or opt for the essential print of seaside decoration, the marine print, namely vertical blue and white stripes that immediately give a navy touch to your interior. A print to use without moderation, whether on your curtains, on your cushions, on your napkins, on your bath linen, on your bed linen ...

For a seaside decor: the beach everywhere!

With the combo of blue and white colors, another essential of the seaside decor, it is the omnipresence of the beach and everything that can remind it of near or far. Not literally, obviously (unless you're ok to bring tons of sand into your living room!), But with objects and furniture that will set the scene in your interior. For example :

  • A table lamp whose foot is made of pebbles;
  • Tables representing a view of the sea;
  • Cushions with fish prints;
  • Fishing nets hanging on a wall;
  • A collection of large shells placed on a shelf ...

Natural materials, queens of the seaside style

Unlike the baroque or rococo styles, the seaside and beach house ambiance is rather uncluttered and calm. Logic: on vacation by the water, we like to let ourselves live, to stroll quietly along the sea, to take a nap while listening to the sound of the waves ... So, to find this zen and authentic atmosphere inside , nothing like natural materials for furniture and / or decoration.

Knowing that the three flagship materials of seaside style are :

  • The wood, obviously. Whether it is natural wood, raw wood, painted wood or varnished wood, it is THE essential material for seaside homes. For a harmonious and coherent seaside style decoration, do not hesitate not, and opt for a maximum of wooden furniture! You can obviously also choose wood for decoration, especially driftwood objects that always have a small effect in a room.
  • The seagrass. As the name suggests, seagrass is a perfect material to create a holiday home atmosphere at home. Both raw and warm, it is perfect as a floor covering (in a bedroom or living room, but it is better to avoid it in a bathroom because it does not tolerate humidity very well). But the seagrass can also be used to make furniture, such as a beanbag ottoman which will find its place around a blue and white coffee table in the living room!
  • The rope. Difficult not to think you are on a pleasure boat when some decorative objects of our interior include rope. This can be for example a wooden clock whose numbers are in rope, or a braided table ... In short, again, you will be spoiled for choice!


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