How to arrange a living room in length?

How to arrange a living room in length?

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The layout of a long living room can be complex. By making the right choice of layout, furniture and decoration, the restrictive configuration of the room can reveal real advantages. Find out how in 5 unstoppable tips.

Our tips:

- Choose a suitable floor - Adapt the furniture - Create different spaces - Take care of the colors - Pace the decor

1. Choose a suitable soil

The floor can play an important role in a long room. Avoid floors with patterns or short tiles, which may shrink the room. We prefer parquet with long planks, oriented in the width direction, or even polished concrete and other plain PVC floors which will have the merit of being neutral. We also recommend choosing always darker shades than those of the walls to help enlarge the room visually.

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2. Adapt the furniture

A long piece has a fairly strict geometric shape which you can get rid of with a choice of furniture with varied but discreet shapes. Starting with the sofa: placed along the wall, it must be straight and not very imposing. Then a simple armchair that will face it or be placed sideways, preferably without armrests, to gain even a few centimeters. For the coffee table choose it rather rounded than square or rectangular.

3. Create different spaces

It would be a shame, if the volume in length allows it, to reduce the room to its only function of living room with its sofa and its armchairs. To give it more visual appeal, challenge yourself to create other living spaces, such as a play area for children around a carpet, a dining area for small group dinners with a retractable table. , or an office area as required. This demarcated living area will have the advantage of giving rhythm to the living room.

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4. Take care of the colors

© schimdt As in all the other rooms of the house, light shades visually enlarge a room, it is well known. It is therefore recommended to apply the rule in a rather narrow living room to open the space. Nothing prevents from giving rhythm by daring to a section of wall in a sharper, even dark color, to liven up the room and warm it up.

5. Pace the decor

The decoration of the room is also important to limit the effect of length or narrowness. For example, you can hang frames and mirrors of different shapes on the wall, put a carpet on the floor, add plaids and cushions to the sofa and armchair, etc. The living room will look less cramped and will be warmer. But don't overdo it either, to avoid the clutter effect!


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