How to clean your kitchen splashback?

How to clean your kitchen splashback?

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  • The silver stone for a stainless steel splashback
  • Cleaning an aluminum splashback
  • Wash a glass splashback
  • For a tiled splashback
  • Clean a laminated credenza

1. The silver stone for a stainless steel splashback

Modern, stainless steel splashback is the final touch to an industrial-inspired cuisine. Fingerprints and grease are the number 1 enemies of stainless steel!

For a nickel stainless steel splashback, remember to clean as soon as you spot a stain, so that it does not get stuck. There are several solutions inspired by grandmother's recipes for this type of credenza:

  • the silver stone, very effective. Fully biodegradable, it respects the environment and cleans, leaving a sweet lemon scent.
  • a few drops of olive oil on a cloth
  • soapy water on a sponge (not using the abrasive side of the sponge)
  • a teaspoon of baking soda diluted in a bowl of hot water. Rinse well and wipe dry with a clean, dry micro-fiber cloth.

To protect your stainless steel, a layer of finely applied beeswax will make a good barrier against dirt.

2. Cleaning an aluminum splashback

Like any metal surface, your aluminum splashback requires daily maintenance. To wash it, several possibilities make it possible to clean it with natural products, which one finds in its cupboards:

  • soapy water for small spots
  • the glass product, with a soft cloth.
  • water with a little lemon juice
  • baking soda, dissolved in hot water, for black spots,
  • white vinegar, if possible hot, with a little salt will be perfect for lime stains.

3. Wash a glass splashback

Glass splashbacks, even lacquered and shiny, are easy to clean, despite their appearance! You can use a simple micro-fiber cloth, a little water and voila. A few drops of detergent can also be added, but this is not compulsory. Dry, it will also remove the dust.

Second option: the clay stone! Natural, it has very effective degreasing properties. Soak it in a soft damp sponge and rub in small circular movements to remove dirt. Finally, as always in housekeeping, white vinegar will do wonders to remove rebellious traces without effort.

4. For a tiled splashback

Tiling is very practical in credenza, and today there are models very design (cement tiles, concrete or slate) or easy to install (adhesive tiles ...). The tiled splashback does not escape grease and culinary projections, especially when placed above the hobs.

To clean it effectively, dilute soap in water and add a little ammonia. Laundry and black soap are also great natural alternatives! Finally, it is often the joints that get dirty the quickest on this type of splashback: remember to also clean them regularly.

5. Clean a laminated credenza

Some credenzas have a stainless steel appearance but are actually laminated splashbacks. They therefore need to be cleaned in a different way than stainless steel kitchen splashbacks.

Soapy water is sometimes not enough for their daily cleaning. To get rid of grease stains on a laminate, you can use a glass product or baking soda. A little hot water, baking soda and you get a paste that you apply. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse well with a damp cloth. However, avoid abrasive products and other sponges, at the risk of scratching your credenza!