Bernardaud puts art at the table

Bernardaud puts art at the table

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Edited at Bernardaud's, a 42-piece porcelain service revisits the history of art. This "Collection", imagined by the French artist Agnès Thurnauer, 46 years old, plastically translates the titles of the works on a set of 6 coffee cups, 6 cups, 12 plates, 3 dishes, 1 jug… Not to mention a typography that has been worked on for a long time through the metallic gray and velvety effect of each letter. Taste an iced soup in a thin deep plate engraved with the word "Fontaine", in homage to Marcel Duchamp, cut a roast of beef in a dish "Impression soleil levant" are unique moments. Notice to gourmet art lovers, the pieces are not sold separately: it's all or nothing, for € 3,500. In the event of awkwardness (therefore breakage), the manufacturer undertakes to produce the service for ten years.


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