How to clean your trash?

How to clean your trash?

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What could be more unpleasant than a dirty trash with bad odors? If you are faced with this problem, a thorough cleaning of your trash is essential! For a result that meets your expectations, follow our precious advice…


- When to clean your trash? - Clean the traces encrusted in the trash - Eliminate bad odors in the trash - Get rid of worms in the trash - Clean it's good, dry it's better!

1. When should you clean your trash?

Whatever its material, your trash can be cleaned once a week. This regular maintenance is the best way to limit bacterial growth. If you do not have the possibility of carrying out a weekly cleaning, make sure at least to take certain precautions: * Use sachets perfectly hermetic. * Take care not to throw anything outside the sachet, in the body of the trash. * Always close the cover, to put up a barrier to pests.

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2. Clean the traces encrusted in the trash

Soiling on the walls of your trash can is more difficult to clean than it is old. To remove stubborn stains, you can use: * Household alcohol: An effective and inexpensive cleaner, it can remove most of the dirt inside the trash can. * Bicarbonate: Pure or diluted with hot water, it works wonders when it comes to cleaning your trash. * The bleach: It is the disinfectant not excellence. No trace can resist him!

3. Eliminate bad odors in the trash

Removing stubborn odors from your trash is not as difficult as it seems: * Start by pouring boiling water in the body of the trash, to remove the oldest waste. * Then rub vigorously using a magic sponge, until all traces on the walls of your trash can disappear. * Finally, pour a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bottom of the trash, to permanently eliminate bad odors. Guaranteed result!

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4. Get rid of worms in the trash

© crystalseye - If your kitchen bin has not been cleaned for a long time, you may notice unwanted worms feeding on food waste. To eliminate them: * Pour boiling water, then turn your bin upside down and let the liquid run out. * Spray an anti-larvae product to stop the reproduction cycle of parasites. * Repeat the operation once a month, preventively, even if no worms are visible to the naked eye.

5. Cleaning is good, drying is better!

Humidity is the enemy of your trash! In fact, stagnant liquids constitute a medium favorable to the proliferation of bacteria and other microbes. Some tips: * If you throw bottles in your trash, make sure that no liquid escapes. * Wet waste like fruits or vegetables should be packed tightly. * Wipe the walls of your trash regularly to remove all traces of moisture. A clean bin is a dry bin!


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