Industrial style under the microscope

Industrial style under the microscope

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The industrial: a renaissance

The birth of the industrial style dates back to the decline of the metallurgical industry in the United States, at the end of the 1960s. At that time, penniless American artists seized the opportunity and took over disused factories. They find there many abandoned pieces of furniture to which they invent new uses. The stalls become tables, the powerful lamps with articulated arms light up their creations and the metal plates and other scrap are transformed into decorative objects.

When wood and metal come together

Built to last, factory furniture is mainly made from raw and solid materials: metal, wood, concrete and leather. Associated with each other, these natural and industrial materials create an atmosphere as authentic as friendly but above all particularly modern.

Industrial furniture: all-terrain style!

Functional, aesthetic…: if furniture and decorative objects of industrial style appeal to us so much, it is also because their absolute sobriety allows them to easily integrate into any interior style, whether vintage, Scandinavian, classic or even contemporary.

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