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Effect paints

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The step by step

Cleaning the brushes To paint well, you need good clean brushes, and since good brushes are expensive… you will have to clean them properly to reuse them later.


As soon as the paint job is finished, wring brushes and rollers on a cloth or with paper.


Put them to soak in a jar or bucket in which you have poured the diluent corresponding to the paint (water, turpentine ...).


Let the diluent penetrate well between the hairs, wring out, dip again in the diluent, wring again ... Renew the diluent and repeat the operation until the liquid is clear.


Finally, wash the hair, foam or wool in the palm of your hand with detergent or Marseille soap.


Rinse and store your brushes heads up in the jar. If your site spans several days, after cleaning, store your brushes simply in water overnight.

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