Installation of wooden paneling

Installation of wooden paneling

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The step by step


To properly install the first board, firmly against the wall, you must remove the tongue from the planer.


Check the verticality of this first plank and nail it to the framework by pushing the points at 45 ° into the groove.


Use the nail driver to drive the last few millimeters of the point, which should not prevent the nesting of the next blade.

The Pro Council

Here is your paneled room, it remains to choose the right finish.
The stains: almost transparent, in wood or pastel tones, they very slightly stain the wood. Opaque, they emphasize the veins while coloring the wood • Micro-porous paints: they offer an impeccable finish, satin or lacquered, and bold colors while letting the wood breathe. However, you will have to wash and sand perfectly before any new coat.
Varnishes: they leave the wood its original color, or darken it slightly, or, recently, color it frankly while keeping its grain visible. The treated wood is easy to maintain with a damp cloth. And to save time, you can also opt for paneling which is finished directly in the factory. Varnished or tinted, some are now available in a multitude of fresh and cheerful colors ... No more chore of sanding and painting!

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