Children's room wallpaper

Children's room wallpaper

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It is important that children express themselves and give free rein to their imagination. Nice idea but immediately a little less at home! You have a solution with wallpaper. Simple to install, washable, inexpensive, wallpaper is a wise choice for children's rooms. Colorful, patterned, or even customizable, there is something for all tastes and all situations. Here is our selection to please your little ones! Often the number one target that wipes the creation of our toddlers is the walls. Fingerprints, pencils, toy strokes punctuate the walls. And, the enemy not generally being higher than three apples, it is in basement that the wall toasts. The solution: adorn its marks by laying halfway up an easy-to-use wallpaper. Know that if you choose a vinyl paper, it will be very resistant; non-woven it will be easy to apply and expanded, it will camouflage imperfections. The customizable version The trend of customizable wallpaper is a good alternative. Put it preferably in a row or on a single section of wall! Well thought out, the "Frame" wallpaper by Graham & Brown is popular with children (from 30 €). It is made up of small empty frames to color or customize with photos of his best friends or his favorite stickers… Another solution, the 5.5 designers offer a trendy evolving wallpaper. In version "Morpion", "Labyrinthe" or "Mots cachés", it becomes an ideal playground for kids where everyone is free to express themselves (count around 20 €). The friezes take center stage The friezes energize the walls. Excellent for children's development! Malignant, when glued flush with the ceiling, the friezes lower the height of the room. When they are at the top of a base or centered in the middle of the wall, they give relief to the room. Like a wallpaper, we stick them on and take them off easily. So why complicate your life, when you can make it simple but decorative! Graham & Brown "Frame" wallpaper to customize, color, paint - € 30 Smart and original the "Hidden Words" wallpaper by 5.5 designers to customize - € 12 We contrast the color of the walls with a patterned frieze coordinated with the colors walls. Yellow "Lilou" frieze from Heytens yellow - € 8.50


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