Purifying a space: Feng Shui every day

Purifying a space: Feng Shui every day

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DPLG landscape architect and geobiologist by training, François Drouvin is a consultant and certified trainer at the European Feng Shui Institute. Based near Arras, he works everywhere in France. Interview by Nadège Monschau Why purify a space? A place takes care of the emotions of the people who have stayed there, whether they are former tenants or workers who worked on the construction of the building. When you enter a dwelling for the first time, it must therefore be rid of all this emotional charge. Ditto when you want to start on a new basis without moving, however, when a child often nightmares in his room, or when one has just been injured in the kitchen. Indigenous peoples have left us their ancestral skills. We can therefore draw from these Asian, Indian, shamanic, Amerindian, Druidic or even Christian techniques, according to his beliefs and his affinities. For example, the Indians use very powerful incense, which they burn on charcoal until a thick fog invades the room. Asians prefer the sounds produced by cymbals, gongs or firecrackers. But such rituals require skill. It is necessary to request the intervention of a professional. What purification techniques can a neophyte apply at home? A very simple Asian principle: after opening all the windows, the inhabitant moves from one room to another, clapping his hands to chase away the bad accumulated waves. We can also take inspiration from a shamanic technique and use a tambourine: in the morning, after a good night's rest, against a background of soft music, we place ourselves in the middle of the room we want purify. Then, you tap more or less hard on the instrument, following its intuition… What are the small gestures essential to maintain your home according to the principles of Feng Shui? You have to make sure that the energy flows properly. We can compare this energy to a wind that blows more or less strongly in the house, or even more at all. However, in the latter case, the inhabitants will feel bad. Imagine that in each corner as well as in the center of each room, there is a fan, which must be able to function normally. In the corners, it is therefore necessary to avoid having the furniture at an angle, to accumulate a whole disorderly pile of various and varied objects ... The center of each room must also remain as lightly charged as possible. Better is a table left bare, or simply decorated with a candle or a bouquet of flowers, than a table overloaded with files or dishes. As a rule, clutter enormously damages harmony and the flow of energy. Without becoming obsessive, you have to try to free up space, tidy up, sort, organize. And do not hesitate to part with old memories, furniture, books, letters, trinkets ..., which are no longer at all like the person you are or wish to become. You can for example donate your clothes to associations, participate in a garage sale, invite your friends to a flea market at home ... Another imperative: the fight against dust, which slows energy very sharply, especially when it accumulates in the corners. Watch out for stopped watches and clocks, as well as all electrical and electromagnetic disturbances. Chargers for laptops, radio alarm clocks, modems, etc. must be kept as far away from the bed as possible, otherwise sleep will not be restful. It is also necessary to have earth connections checked by a qualified electrician, and to be sure to repair all defective appliances in the house, including lamps. Finally, certain objects, such as mirrors, are excellent energy stimulants. But they absorb emotions very quickly. Every month, to "unload" them and give them a new shine, you have to unhook them and put them outside, in the sun, for half a day. Ditto with the crystals and the salt lamps, which we can also, before returning them inside again, rinse slightly with water. More info www.espacerevele.com


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