30 years of the Klippan sofa at Ikéa

30 years of the Klippan sofa at Ikéa

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. Klippan: it's a slamming name, very simple and easy to remember. Klippan sold every 17 minutes When, in 1978, designer Lars Engman launched this sofa at IKEA, it is far from imagining that it will become an essential piece of furniture for a whole generation of students and young couples. From the start, with its clean lines and its completely removable and machine washable cover, Klippan seduces. Even today, this success cannot be denied, since a dozen covers are available for each sofa, in a two or four-seater version. It is estimated that 4.5 million Klippans have been sold worldwide since its launch, more than half of which in the past ten years. Even more, it sells a Klippan every 17 minutes in France! A lost centimeter ... Faced with such a craze, IKEA has always sought to further reduce manufacturing and transport costs in order to offer the best value for money for the famous sofa. A symbolic example: in 1996, the simple reduction of one centimeter in the length of the Klippan packaging made it possible to load four additional sofas by truck. The price offered for sale has thus been carefully controlled: the price of € 179 for a two-seat version is down 44% compared to that which was offered twenty years ago! And the price of € 299 for the four-seat sofa remains extremely affordable. Success seems to be growing, since IKEA even launched a Klippan ottoman at € 39. Vintage decor To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the sofa champion, IKEA will reissue the Klippan with its 1978 cover: a pretty sky blue background with large red, orange, white and black flowers, in a style that will delight fans of vintage decor. What also remind many nostalgic good memories.


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