4 tips to reduce your heating bill

4 tips to reduce your heating bill

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Here are some tips to optimize your heating:

Tip 1: partition for less heat

It's very simple and you just have to think about it: reducing the volumes to be heated also means reducing your heating bill. How to do ? Nothing could be simpler. A curtain for example can isolate a corridor without a door… If you have high ceilings and you have a mezzanine, you can also use this trick to "close" the open sides. Simple curtains (they can be thin to let in light) will do the trick. Install a small convector in this new space which will become a cozy little nest for long winter evenings.

Tip 2: ventilate quickly and efficiently

Airing a room is as essential in winter as in summer. But low temperatures often cool us down when it comes to doing it. So here's a tip: speed up the air change with a fan when you open your windows. The air in the room will certainly be a bit cool but the walls will not have time to cool. The room will quickly rise in temperature

Tip 3: Maintain your convectors

If you are on electric heating, do not forget to dust them. An interior and exterior cleaning will improve their energy efficiency and with equal heating, your bill will be (slightly) lower. Warning ! remember to cut the power to the convectors before you start cleaning them

Tip # 4: Isolate!

Prevent fresh air from infiltrating by caulking the underside of your doors and checking the insulation of your windows (see our "window insulation" practical sheet). Another effective trick also: close the shutters well in the evening. it is additional insulation. Warning: caulking does not mean blocking the vents !! These are essential for your health and safety.