Transform a garden shed into a guest bedroom or garden studio

Transform a garden shed into a guest bedroom or garden studio

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How to transform a garden shed into a guest bedroom? The architect Stéphanie Van Den Schrick shows us in images the transformation worthy of a fairy tale of a garden shed, which has become a very beautiful guest bedroom. For the owners, this is a beautiful project that goes from dream to reality! In a pretty pavilion in the Paris region, interior designer Stéphanie Van Den Schrick from the Bleu Rêve agency had to transform a dark, very old garden shed into a welcoming guest bedroom. This is a major undertaking because it was necessary to redo the roof, insulate the floor and the walls and decorate with taste in order to transform a garden shed into a cozy and warm place to live! Here are the stages of the site and the complete renovation. Area: 11 m². Budget: total cost 24,000 € including 20,000 € of work including all materials (including tiling) and labor: demolition, masonry, frame, change of windows and door, tiling, electricity and painting . Furniture and decoration: around € 4,000.

A dark garden shed in poor condition to renovate

The garden shed served as storage and storage space for tools and lounge chairs. Built in the early 1900s, the room was in its own right: a clay floor, fragile walls, an old door, a roof with missing tiles and which let water pass in the event of rain… And for to top it off, the building was devoid of any thermal insulation. The objective being to transform this small space of 11 square meters into a comfortable guest bedroom, it was necessary to completely redo the roof and double the walls, then change the damaged door and window. A concrete screed has been poured to isolate the floor. Finally, to bring more clarity, Stéphanie has installed a double French window integrated into the facade which lets in natural light.

BEFORE: the garden shed was in very poor condition: roof with leaks, holes in the walls, clay floor…

After work, a beautiful guest room, welcoming and bright

Once the building was completely renovated, the rest of the mission consisted in decorating the place to make it a cozy and bright interior. The idea: to have a nice space to receive friends, but also a room offering a relaxing setting for the owners of the places. In terms of decoration, the only constraints for those concerned were to have a blue room, and to keep a “winter garden” spirit. The interior designer then had carte blanche. Stéphanie decided to play on a blue and gold contrast. Two walls were therefore painted in duck blue. A color warmed by the golden touches of the lights, mirrors and coffee table Habitat cushions in yellow color have been added to the sofa bed in beige canvas. To reduce the length effect of the room, it was decided to put two strips of Farrow & Ball wallpaper with golden patterns, positioned in the center of the room. Finally, to give a real cachet to the room, the floor was covered with old-fashioned cement tiles from the Azulej collection, signed Patricia Urquiola (Mutina). On the furniture side, the bias was to capitalize on beautiful designer pieces: an aviary suspension by Challières and a Piccola Tavola lamp by Foscarini. Then complete the furnishings with furniture at more affordable prices: the choice fell on an AM.PM convertible sofa, an Ikea desk, and a HMD Interiors coffee table. A chic and welcoming look, with a neat decor for a beautiful guest room!

AFTER: the duck blue associated with the yellow gold gives an impression of depth to this small space and makes it very cozy.

A decorative asset for the garden

In addition to having won a warm and designer living room to receive, the work also had a very significant side effect. Indeed, the garden shed visible from the terrace now offers a pleasant view. Thus renovated, it brings an additional cachet to the garden and therefore to the entire property. The red exterior bricks create a little more decor, which contrasts with the superb duck blue of the walls. The flower pots on each side of the window enhance the natural side of this very pretty winter garden.

AFTER: an additional living room, full of charm which, from the outside, is pleasant to look at, and gives an additional character to the garden. A successful challenge to transform a garden shed in poor condition into a beautiful modern and functional guest bedroom.

Can we buy a garden studio ready to install?

If the surface of your exterior allows it, you can adopt this rectangle which is connected to the purification system of your house. The roof is flat and the facade is generally made of wood so that it can blend into the decor. A small terrace is available for maximum comfort and this garden studio is sometimes sold turnkey. As soon as it takes comfort in your exterior, you can use it, so it's practical.
  • It offers an area of ​​20 m² on average, which avoids laborious formalities. Companies, however, offer double.
  • The design is contemporary with a traditional flat or green roof.
  • A few hours or days are necessary for a complete installation with the water network, electricity, evacuations…
  • The garden studio is sometimes delivered furnished or empty, you then arrange it according to your tastes.

Fairly flexible regulations for this type of studio

The procedures depend essentially on the area, if it is less than 20 m², a declaration of work to the town hall is sufficient. On the other hand, if you adopt a larger surface, you will have to consider the building permit. The latter may be mandatory even for a 20 m² studio because of the use you will make of it. Check with the municipality since your land must be buildable and look carefully at the PLU, no mention contrary to this development should be made. If this installation does not comply, it will be impossible to erect this structure in your green space. Before validating your file with a professional, be sure to start all the steps. The company employed can advise and support you in your choice. There is also a cost involved. It is not universal since prices are different from one company to another. There is still a range: between 20,000 and 30,000 euros for the entry-level. This studio is therefore empty and the surface area is less than 20 m². It takes almost double for a surface of 40 m² and a complete layout. In addition, the invoice can be raised if the company takes care of the installation. You therefore save money by taking a kit studio that you have to assemble without the help of this expert. The price is however lower than that intended for a conventional concrete construction which causes considerable inconvenience. Compared to the use you will make of it, the investment can quickly pay for itself. This is the case for a rental dedicated to tourism.

What use to consider for a garden studio?

After some information, the budget meets your expectations and your exterior is compatible. You plan to build this studio, but you must find a specific use.
  • The pool house is a small house to store all the equipment, you also have a shower to remove chlorine residues after swimming.
  • The playroom for children is possible, but some prefer the cinema room or the gym, or even music. You will be safe from noise in your cocooning bubble.
  • Your teenager wishes to gain independence without moving away from you, the garden studio is transformed into a small apartment with all the comforts: kitchen area, toilets, living room, bedroom ... When he has left the premises, you can again transform it by using it for a seasonal rental or for your second child.
  • You work at home, but you want to separate professional and private life. This place becomes a comfortable office with everything you need such as WiFi, and even air conditioning. You evolve in the best conditions in order to be productive.
  • Your house is too small to receive your family or friends, as the sofa is not comfortable, this studio looks like a bedroom. It is possible to install good insulation and a heating system. You keep your autonomy and you do not necessarily share your shower since a bathroom is available in the studio.

A studio to receive clients

For work, the garden studio becomes ideal, but certain professions require a specific space. This is the case for the medical field, the garden studio can therefore be transformed into a cabinet, but the layout will be different. Provide a waiting room for patients and an area to receive them. You will also have to opt for parking, which results in additional space for cars. This applies if you work from home and your clients have to meet with you regularly. The same installations are therefore to be programmed.

A small house to rent for the holidays

Some households are surfing on the success of rental investment. Depending on the regulations imposed by the municipality, it is sometimes possible to envisage such a solution. You rent this space if you stay in a tourist area. You can then post an ad on the Internet to attract travelers, but the square footage is small. It will therefore be necessary to plan an attractive arrangement to capture their attention. If you do not live in a tourist region, conventional rental can be considered especially for students. You still need a specific arrangement since the tenant must have his own privacy without necessarily meeting you as soon as he steps outside. This is especially reserved for homes that have a large garden with well-defined spaces. You now have all the information to consider such a construction. Do not hesitate to request a quote from the company that will help you configure the garden studio best suited to your green space.