D&CO: Before / After - Laëtitia's apartment

D&CO: Before / After - Laëtitia's apartment

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The ceiling

Dulux Valentine Painting Ceiling Net Dulux Valentine


Julien technical paints Universal acrylic undercoat plaster, cement, wood (J6) Julien Consulting Service: Clay paint Ref T343 Color "lava" satin oil lacquer ref T344 Color "ash" velvety matt Clay Painting Partition and plasterboard Knauf The BATIPLUM product is a natural product for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. This product exists in rolls and panels of different thicknesses. Isoa Sawing of the ATDB staircase - the team spirit 7bis Impasse des Frères Dhéret 78700 CONFLANS STE HONORINE Specialist in the cutting of reinforced concrete with diamond tools to create door and window openings, Study of reinforced concrete , Resumption of structure, Estimate and free feasibility study. Tel 01 30 27 22 22 Fax 01 30 27 22 24 [email protected] A.T.D.B


TERRA MAASTRICHT collection tiles color 216 RL (anthracite gray) in 5/10/15 x 60 cm. Product of the TERRA MAASTRICHT range from Royal Mosa. Thanks to a specially designed technique, each tile differs and gives a natural and pleasant effect to the whole. The TERRA MAASTRICHT range is available in 15 colors, two smooth or embossed finishes, and in 13 different formats. Very resistant tile for heavy traffic, stain-resistant by nature, for interior and exterior. Tel: 03 89 83 49 10 Find all the documentation in PDF on the website // [email protected] tiling installer: Entreprise Petit Roger 9 impasse du Clos Songeux 77000 Vaux Le Pénil Tel: 01 64 38 00 72 [email protected]


Phoenix chairs product of the XXL brand, available in white, black, red XXL Red copper jars bleached with pewter then hammered, entirely made by hand. Made in Syria. Available in 5 sizes (height): 20cm; 40cm; 60cm; 80cm; 1m. Baija Tableau "l'Ile" Michele Sztenkryc Tel 06 60 57 97 10


Table lamp "Luxwomen xl" - Glass concept See the object sheet Table lamp "Luxwomen xl". Height: 23.6 cm - Diameter: 28.9 cm. Red color. 40 W - 220 V - E27 - lamp not included. Several colors available: Blue - pink - yellow - orange. Arts and Pleasures Online store: Furniture - Lighting - Decorative objects - Design - Household appliances


Etna Private Lifts elevator. Range of very special private elevators! The private elevator incorporates exclusive security solutions. Furthermore, it is designed to comply with the comfort and decoration requirements of a house. The range is available in 6 decors and 2 collections to adapt to your decoration. Design Style, a modern, original spirit, Design Wood, for lovers of classic designs. Etna Private Lifts Red plastic bedside lamp Dia: 31 cm Height: 42 cm Available colors: green, orange, fuchsia, red, transparent, white, black, plum, silver Muno ELLIPSE halogen spotlight for recessed installation. For mood lighting or enhancement. Up to 30% energy savings and CO2 emissions compared to standard halogens. Average lifespan of 4 years for a daily 3h. HALOTRONIC MOUSE electronic transformer, for powering very low voltage halogen bulbs. DEDBUG led luminaire, wireless, automatic ignition, equipped with a timer. Wireless LED light with automatic ignition, equipped with a timer. Ultra functional, it can be fixed inside a wardrobe or a drawer and lights up instantly when the cabinet is opened. DOT IT, intelligent lighting to take everywhere, it is magnetized, sticks or scratches everywhere. Osram