The Ikéa Billy library becomes a Christmas tree

The Ikéa Billy library becomes a Christmas tree

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What if Father Christmas dropped the gifts at the foot of the Billy? For 30 years, the Billy library at Ikéa has established itself in our interiors. High or low, small or wide, black, white, oak veneer, birch ... it exists in different sizes and different colors. This month we selected the Billy with the dimensions of 106 cm high by 80 cm wide and decided to transform it into a Christmas tree! Level: easy Completion time : 3:00 Indicative cost: 36 euros Necessary material : - 4 rolls of Christmas gift paper = 5 euros - Bomb glue = 9 euros - 2 sheets of light green grape format paper 50 cm x 65 cm = 10 euros - 2 sheets of dark green grape format paper 50 cm x 65 cm = 10 euros - Silver glitter ribbon = 2 euros - 1 cutter Steps 1: Create the tree - Remove the bottom of the Billy. - Attach two sheets of dark green paper and tape them. - Return the assembly. - Draw the profile of the tree on the right side of the leaf. - Cut the drawing thus formed with a cutter. - Glue the tree on the bottom of the Billy by positioning the points towards the center on the right side. - Put the bottom of the Billy in the library. Step 2: Decorate the tree - Cut with a cutter for a clean result several circles of different sizes. - Glue the balls with spray glue, dispersing them on the bottom of the Billy. - Create the illusion that the balls are suspended by garlands, by connecting each ball with a silver ribbon starting from the top of the Billy and joining the ball. Step 3: Create relief - Cut the sheet of light green paper to the size of the shelf. - Place the light green leaf on each shelf and with a free hand, trace the reflections of the tree. - Cut the three contours with a cutter. - Glue each reflection on each shelf. - Bring a 3D effect to the tree, by sticking on the edges of the shelves a piece of light green leaf. Decorative tip: To make the balls, use different sizes of glasses as a template. Turn them over and trace the outline on the sheet of gift paper, then cut with a cutter for a clean result.


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