The Bozea collection for an ethnic decor

The Bozea collection for an ethnic decor

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Created in April 2008, Bozea was born from the journeys of its creators , Martin Gentil, Julien Platel and Umesh Rajani. On their website, they offer a unique choice of decorative items that are both authentic and contemporary in a sustainable and fair approach with their partners. On this unusual boutique, you will find handmade objects: starting with creations made from recycled telephone wires. Napkin rings (13 euros), baskets (13 euros), oil and vinegar sets (38 euros) woven with electric wire… Another curiosity, the stone decoration dishes, engraved with African motifs, will be as many souvenirs of travel (to from 9 euros). For the table, the Bozea website offers the range of Ekobo bamboo dishes brought back from Vietnam. Finally you can get cushions in ostrich skin and feathers (from 68 euros), an animal bred commercially in South Africa, and even candlesticks in egg mosaic.


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