The job of decoration coach

The job of decoration coach

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What is the function of the decoration coach? How do they do it? Bénédicte Régimont, creator of the Félicie-le-dragon agency and president of the Federation of Decorative Coaches explains the main lines of this new profession. What makes you different from a decorator or an interior designer? Each of these trades intervenes at different times of a project and are completely complementary. A DPLG architect can design and create a house, the interior designer has the technical and legal capacity to redefine the space by cutting down a partition for example. The decorator, on the other hand, will work more on the existing and the interior design coach will bring a psychological dimension to the interior redevelopment. How does a decoration coach operate? We first try to understand how the customer lives and we translate their wishes. It is a decoration in conscience, we are a real coach at his side. Through reflection and in-depth analysis, we support it and try to capture the unspoken: if you knew how many there are! We enter her intimacy but very gently, showing a lot of delicacy. We must listen and be able to integrate all the psychological changes that may take place in our living space. It is putting people back at the heart of the house. Are there any particular trends in interior makeovers? There are as many trends as there are customers! We can still observe a desire for modular, dual-use and mobile furniture (on casters). There is a desire for movement, storage and organization. In addition, the real trend today is to recreate your family unit. Customers are asking me more and more for playful or multimedia rooms, failing which the dining room tends to disappear. In terms of color, this is more of a fashion effect: we receive a lot of requests for muted shades (taupe, beige, plum).


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