The secrets of friendly cuisine

The secrets of friendly cuisine

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Large but never enough, family cooking must be above all practical, well thought out but also decorative. It is a room where the whole family likes to get together. And it is not always obvious that it is to everyone's taste. For the peace of the households, here in images some decorative ideas to remember and to adopt. -> Practical storage Prefer handy storage for utensils. Shelves on the worktop will avoid endless back and forth. And above all, choose XXL drawers to store family electrical devices such as raclette, fryer or even robot. -> Smart storage The L-shaped layout is the most common for a kitchen. The problem with this arrangement is that you lose space at the right angle. So save space, by adopting the corner sink. The same size as a traditional sink, it allows the worktop to be left free. -> And always very decorative! Red is a color that appeals to men and women alike and that will make humanity a reality in children. Present on a wall panel, in accessories and linen, it does not overload the space. Stimulating and energizing, it will wake up and put the little family in a good mood in the morning! Espalux pavilion model: Door in high density fibreboard, thickness 18 mm. Polymer coating. Finishing in white structured decoration imitation ash relief (also available in basket handle version). Public price for the location photographed: € 7,600


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