Traditional cuisine brought up to date

Traditional cuisine brought up to date

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By simply playing with color and light, bring a more modern decor style to traditional cuisine. Let yourself be inspired by our decorative video tour! Standardize with a trendy color The gray color dominates in the kitchen. It is available in three color variations: on the walls in mouse gray, on the worktop and the splashback in heather gray and in the accessories in metallic gray. Also worked in contrast in the rendering of materials, the gray is matt on the walls and shiny on industrial style accessories. Light makes itself useful The light atmosphere is particularly worked. We open the floor space visually by installing an LED bar under the low storage. To further structure the space, small lamps in each corner of the shelves create volume. Then, to properly lighten the work plan, two large decorative pendant lights highlight the preparation space. Optimal storage Favor practical storage so that everything is in its place. Very trendy XXL drawer with compartments allow for proper storage and have everything close at hand. Likewise, the corner cupboard which deploys does not waste space. Thatched model - Espalux : Solid oak frame door, thickness 21 mm. Solid oak central panel, thickness 9 mm. Polyurethane varnish Mouse gray finish (exists in eight other finishes and in a straight frame version (MANOIR). Public price for the photographed layout (including worktops and accessories, excluding appliances): € 15,000


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