Decorative storage for Nespresso capsules

Decorative storage for Nespresso capsules

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Nespresso, one of the world leaders in the coffee market, has designed its coffee capsules like real small decorative objects. Rather than leaving them in a cupboard, have them enthroned in your kitchen. Aware of the potential of its pods, Nespresso has developed a range of practical and elegant storage to enhance them.


Your Nespresso capsules will look like abstract sculptures with black or transparent totem dispenser storage (34 euros), cube-shaped (25 euros) or circle (50 euros) storage.


Your capsules as a table in your kitchen is possible with the Wall storage (65 euros) and its capsule curves or the wall storage in ebony stained oak which can contain 49 capsules (99 euros).


Finally, present your capsules to your guests so that they can choose their favorite coffee in a Discovery box of 36 capsules (40 euros) or in a plexiglass drawer (64 euros).


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