10 tips to decorate a Norman style house

10 tips to decorate a Norman style house

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Take inspiration from the beautiful Norman houses, longères or half-timbered houses, to make yourself a decor that smells of nature. Apple trees, cows and green valleys outside, take up these themes inside: a soft green on the curtains, "farmer" dishes and antiques to encourage the presence of wood. Pick a few apple branches and place them in a large vase. Here is the list of essential accessories for a Norman decor. Timber framing Norman houses are often half-timbered, these wooden beams which support the structure. Inside too, the material to favor is wood. Vintage objects Choose rustic furniture from second-hand dealers to create a country chic style. Gardening tools Do you collect bells, forks or scythes in old iron and wood? Display them in the hallway or in a corner of the living room. Lamps with lampshades Put lamps on the furniture for a soft light atmosphere with pleated lampshades. Farm tableware Buy dishes decorated with farm animals: chickens, cows ... Good big bowls for your breakfast table. Linens Choose your curtains and linens in shades of red, pink and soft green with checkered fabrics to mix with floral and striped fabrics. Wooden shelves Wooden shelves for storing your apples in the kitchen or back kitchen and bottle racks for storing cider bottles. Kitchen jars Display your jars of jams and fruit, your bottles of cider and Calvados on heathered wooden shelves. Traditional fireplace A large stone and wood fireplace in the kitchen if it is large as in old farmhouses. The host table If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, this should be a dinner with a large raw wood kitchen table and benches for conviviality.


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