Become a hostess for a decoration brand

Become a hostess for a decoration brand

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After the Tupperware meetings, home decoration meetings are emerging. If you are passionate about decoration, you can even become a hostess for a decoration brand. Invite your colleagues and friends and organize with the help of a consultant, product presentations at your home. You will therefore benefit from numerous advantages with the brand represented.


With Partylite, you can organize presentations of fragrances, candles and decorative accessories. To do this, simply invite your friends, colleagues, family on the given date. If the presentation generates a sale of 210 €, you will automatically have the right to 15% in products to choose from the catalog, and if one of your guests books a meeting, your bonus increases to 20%. You will also be able to choose offers reserved for hostesses as well as a catalog product at least 50%.


The day of your Demo 'Advice or your Stanhome Workshop to discover the maintenance and care products for your home and your family, your advisor will offer you a first gift as well as to your guests. The amount of sales at the end of the Workshop or Demo 'Conseil will allow you to choose other gifts and you will benefit from special offers reserved for hostesses.

Eleonore Deco

Eléonore déco offers one of the do-it-yourself decorative products such as patinas, paints, varnishes and supports to decorate. To be a hostess, it is enough to receive an Eleonore Deco demonstrator at home, and to bring together friends for the sale demonstration of Eleonore Deco products. You will benefit from special hostess gifts, promotional prices and personalized advice…