Installing and connecting an outlet

Installing and connecting an outlet

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Child safety

In children's bedrooms, use sockets fitted with shutters which only open when the plug is inserted and which therefore prevent other objects from being inserted.

Install a waterproof electrical outlet

For basements or garages, as for outside, use waterproof sockets. In addition, the supply conductors (phase, neutral and earth) pass through a rigid conduit (IRO) to protect the cables from humidity and shock.

Tools and materials

For surface mounting

• Cutting box and back saw
Electrician's screwdriver
Cutting pliers
Stripping pliers
PVC plinths and socket
Screws and dowels

For recessed installation

• Mason chisel, hammer and chisel
Drill and hole saw
Cutting pliers and wire stripping pliers
Electrician's screwdriver
ICO ducts
Masonry points
Housing and plug
Cables (phase, neutral and earth)


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