Saturday 28 turn off your lights for one hour for Earth Hour

Saturday 28 turn off your lights for one hour for Earth Hour

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Saturday March 28, 2009 between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., participate in the operation organized by WWF: Earth Hour. This planetary event bringing together more than 62 countries is supported by many personalities (Nicolas Hulot, Zazie, Yannick Noah, Chantal Jouanno, Alain Souchon…).

The purpose of Operation Earth Hour

More than a way to save energy, this operation is mainly intended to show the mobilization of the population on the eve of the negotiations that will take place in Copenhagen around climate change.

See you Saturday March 28

Do not miss the appointment, Saturday March 28! Turn off your lights and a board, go quickly to the window and watch the lights go out around your house, with a bit of luck this could be impressive (at least that's what we hope for this original initiative). In 2008 almost 50 million people in 35 different countries participated. How many will follow this year? Give your opinion and impressions in the comments below. You can "commit" and obtain more information on the site


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