Bathroom floor paint

Bathroom floor paint

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Here's a new way to revamp your bathroom floor without breaking or taking it apart. The new Idéco® floor paint from V33 combines decorative colors and technical qualities and allows almost all fantasies… Ideco® floor paint can transform old or damaged floors. It can be applied on all types of substrates: tiles, parquet, concrete, cement and even on laminate floors. Its great impact resistance power ensures good resistance and it is simply washable which is ideal for a pond like the bathroom. In terms of colors, 17 shades are available: for a mineral decor, you will choose a foam gray or a lava stone, for a pop and playful decor, you will opt for a frog green or a nasturtium orange. Innovative, the paint is labeled European Ecolabel: which means that it combines high performance and low solvent content. Ideco® V33 floor paint, 0.5l and 2.5l 17.90 and 59.90 euros Step by step: Create a checkerboard of white and gray colors on ordinary parquet


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