Enhance your table with designer glasses!

Enhance your table with designer glasses!

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To enhance your table decoration, consider using designer glasses. The centerpiece of the table, glass will attract the attention of your guests: care should therefore be taken in their choice. You just have to choose between pure lines or more worked glasses.

Pure lines

The Glass Family glass by Alessi (4.50 euros) is undoubtedly the most representative of the sleek design: the lines are straight for a sober and elegant effect. Luminarc offers a glass with geometric lines in the shape of a diabolo (8.50 euros for 4) and Zara Home a gray water glass with a cylindrical shape and a rounded base (11.60 euros for 4). Finally, you can opt for a glass made up of two parts: the body and the base which you will have to separate to drink (16 euros, Alessi).

Worked design

More sophisticated, the worked glasses will create an unconventional tactile effect. If you choose them at Alinéa (21 euros for 6) or Zara Home (23.40 euros for 6) your glasses will sit like diamonds on your tables. Otherwise for elegant curves, head to Luminarc (5.70 euros) or Zara Home (4.90 euros).