To alleviate the main pollution of the house

To alleviate the main pollution of the house

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According to Corinne Bullat, decorator, specializing in ecological housing, author of the book "A healthy and ecological children's room" which has just been published by Ullmer, there are three types of pollution in the house. Corinne Bullat worked for three years for the consultancy agency Habitaterrehappy. Within this agency, she has made every effort to improve the living environment of children, by offering them a multitude of ecological solutions to find healthy indoor air, while respecting the nature and health of the occupants. Today you will find most of his advice in this book.

1. Air pollution or inhalation

Many chemical pollutants affect the air quality of our homes. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the most numerous. These are formaldehydes found in chipboard or plywood furniture, in glues, carpets or cleaning products, they are powerful irritants classified as carcinogens. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (in paints and varnishes), neurotoxic products classified as carcinogens, glycol ethers (in paints), toxic products which can cause reproductive disorders; and phthalates (in toys, plasticized objects and PVC floor coverings), allergens and reprotoxics.

2. Pollution by contact or ingestion

Linen, bedding and hygiene products contain pesticide residues, which are potentially carcinogenic. Phthalates are also found in plasticized toys and objects (kits, etc.).

3. Electromagnetic pollution

Electrical and telecommunication installations (especially mobile phones) expose us, and even more so our children, to waves dangerous to health: risks of neurological, hormonal, immune disorders and perhaps even cancer. Read on to find out more: A healthy and ecological children's room by Corinne Bullat 19.90 euros. Editions Ullmer, Collection Habitat Ecologique, 2008 SummaryA healthy and ecological children's room?
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