When jeans inspire decor

When jeans inspire decor

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The Levis company archives burned down in a fire in 1906. What we know ... is that jeans have their origins in the gold rush in the 19th century in the United States. Levi Strauss, a small hawker from New York, decided in 1853 to create sturdy pants based on tent fabric to equip gold diggers. The success is immediate. But the tent canvas remains a heavy fabric to wear and Levi Strauss imports around 1860 a denim canvas (very tight fabric which would come from Nîmes it is not certain) dyed with indigo. This canvas was originally made in Genoa and called Genoa canvas or genoes (Italian-English term). The word jeans is a phonetic transcription of the word "genoes" and which will last, despite the evolution of the materials used. Today, the characteristic blue jeans are emulated in decoration. Crockery, textiles or even furniture sport a blue jeans, very trendy!


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