10 decorative tissue boxes

10 decorative tissue boxes

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Make your handkerchiefs a decorative object! Rather than leaving your packages of unsightly tissues in evidence, opt for decorative tissue boxes. Stop looking for your packages all over the house, there are many tissue boxes that will allow you to store them:


Muji offers a transparent tissue box (12 euros), the Chaise Longue a steel box (25 euros) for a refined decor. More graphic, you will find at Becquet the Rangun tissue box (19.99 euros).


For a touch of humor in your decor, prefer the special crocodile tear boxes of 100drine (16 euros), SOS handkerchiefs of Incidence (8 euros) or special madeleines from Behind the door (10 euros).

To customize

For a personalized decoration, you will find in creative hobby shops boxes to customize with paint or with Decopatch (paper to stick) in wood (4.41 euros, Cultura) or in cardboard (5.05 euros, Cultura).


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