5 decorative ideas for a dinner aperitif

5 decorative ideas for a dinner aperitif

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Receive your friends for a dinner aperitif around the living room table. A simple and decorative way to receive your friends without making life too complicated. To help you organize your evening well, follow our decor tips to make the party a success.

1- Theme your evening

Prefer themes that are easy to decline, such as "bistro" "under the woods", "seaside" ... And to avoid breaking the bank, take a walk for example to bring back branches, moss, wild flowers , shells and take advantage of your finds to decorate your table and your room.

2- Be well installed

No need to clutter up with chairs. Place a few beanbags, cushions, chair pads, etc. all around the coffee table. Above all, do not hesitate to place them in profusion, it will be pleasant at the end of the evening to relax while lying down.

3- decorate your table by recycling

Decorate your coffee table at a lower price using wooden cheese boxes such as Mont-d'Or or Camembert, then place your sugars, bread or aperitif cookies inside.

4- Peck green

Drop the fork and fall for the paper napkins, which we choose in harmony with the cardboard or bamboo plates, just to put them everywhere! And for cutlery enthusiasts, there are biodegradable wooden cutlery that will be very decorative on your table.

5- Extend your decor

Apply your theme to the walls using stickers for example. They are found at all prices. Easy to use, they create the atmosphere for an evening and are easily removed. A sentence, lanterns, blades of grass, choose them according to your theme. And of course, enchant your decor with candles and garlands of light.


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