Cutlery invades the kitchen

Cutlery invades the kitchen

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The use of cutlery as we use it today is quite recent and dates back only a few centuries. Food was eaten for a long time with the hands and it was the nobles who gradually imposed this practice. Tradition has it that the fork is placed to the left of the plate and the knife to its right, cutting it inward. The cutlery is placed according to its order of use, the first dishes corresponding to the cutlery furthest from the plate. Today, the cutlery comes out of the kitchen drawers and invades the decor! In silver or contemporary style, reflecting light or indicating the time, on the walls or on a tray, the cutlery invades the kitchen for a decoration dedicated to tableware. In an often quirky and playful style, forks, spoons and knives whet our appetite throughout the kitchen. At table!


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