Little story of the Neighbors Day

Little story of the Neighbors Day

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The first Fête des Voisins took place in 1999, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Since then, success has been growing and the event, which has been renamed Immeubles en Fête, has crossed the borders of France.

Initially, a neighborhood association

It all started when a certain Atanase Périfan, a resident of the 17th arrondissement, created the association "Paris d'Amis" with a group of friends. The objective was to strengthen proximity ties and fight against isolation. The association then organized a sponsorship service for neighbors in difficulty, shared Christmases for people without family, a service for assistance to people with reduced mobility, drop-in daycares at home, etc. In 1999, the same association initiated the first Fête des Voisins, also in the 17th arrondissement. The success was immediate: 800 buildings and 10,000 people participated! Beyond the party, it is a question of giving back to the inhabitants spaces of initiatives and exchanges in the face of withdrawal into oneself and fear of the other. The Neighbors Day works like a social click. It generates active citizenship and allows us to find gestures of solidarity. "It arouses a craze that goes beyond dividing lines and communitarianisms, explains Atanase Périfan. Carrier of sense and disinterested social bond, this citizen meeting brings into play exchange practices where the relationship is infinitely more important than the transaction. "

Growing success

The following year, 30 municipalities sponsored the operation with the support of the Association of Mayors of France. That year, 500,000 people gathered around a drink with neighbors. In 2001, a million people from 70 cities in France took part in the renamed operation "Immeubles en Fête". This is strongly supported by the National HLM Union, the Association of Mayors of France and the Association of Mayors of major cities in France. For the third edition, there are 126 cities and 2 million participants. In 2003, 3 million are found thanks to the amplification of the event at European level (in 10 European cities). In 2004, 3 million people participated in France and 500,000 in Europe. Since then, the statistics have continued to increase. During the 9th edition, on May 29, 2008, there were 8 million Europeans including 6 million French in 606 French cities and 357 in Europe!


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