Porcelain stoneware, a resourceful material

Porcelain stoneware, a resourceful material

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Porcelain stoneware is the ideal material for floors and walls when you are looking for a little creativity.

Unlimited aesthetics

Unglazed, usable in spaces with particularly technical requirements, porcelain stoneware was originally designed with industrial use in mind. Over the past twenty years, new production techniques and research have resulted in particularly innovative products. Porcelain stoneware is today one of the most versatile coating materials on the market thanks to the use of pastes of different colors, molds to create relief effects, and pressent which give innovative surface finish effects. and polishing and polishing techniques, not to mention the possibility of machining the tiles with a hydrojet. It therefore offers an almost unlimited range of solutions for floor and wall coverings: with shiny metallic effects, wallpaper effects, three-dimensional decorations, textile wefts, mosaics, etc.

Two categories of porcelain stoneware

It is classified into two main groups. The "full body" porcelain stoneware, where the chromatic nuances are the same on the surface and in the thickness of the slab; and the glazed porcelain stoneware, which is coated with a surface layer of enamel, which gives the tiling its finish. The latter is more fragile than the former. Porcelain stoneware has unique properties for coating. The specific manufacturing process, using presses and cooking at very high temperatures, makes this material particularly compact and very resistant to any external attack. Extremely low porosity, it is impermeable to acids and dirt and frost resistant.


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