Fire Design gives color to fire extinguishers

Fire Design gives color to fire extinguishers

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Nothing less aesthetic than a fire extinguisher? Think again ! Flashy colors and colorful patterns, on the contrary they become trendy and decorative objects. Link the useful to the pleasant and equip yourself with a model with cowhide patterns for your kitchen, or with a star for a bedroom, a flower print for the toilets ... If however you did not find the extinguisher of your dreams, create it by combining the patterns and colors offered by the manufacturer to your liking. These fire extinguishers are available in two versions: foam or powder extinguishing agent and are effective on all fire starts. What to do before a flame turns into an uncontrollable fire. On the maintenance side, from your first purchase, Fire design offers to register for free on their site in order to benefit from a full check-up of the equipment after 5 years which will allow an extension of the 2-year warranty. Fire design also undertakes to charge your device free of charge upon declaration of a claim. Finally, if you already have a traditional red fire extinguisher, bring it when purchasing your Fire design and it will be recycled for free. Its price: from 65 euros. More info on www.fire-design.fr (site soon online)



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