The whole world of Keith Haring in stickers

The whole world of Keith Haring in stickers

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Keith Haring's works (1958-1990) are now real icons: the artist's patterns in black lines and pop colors are recognizable among a thousand! Beginning his artistic career on the walls of the streets and the metro, Keith Haring seeks to democratize the work of art and to undermine his elitist status. It is now done at Stickboutik with the collection of stickers of drawings by Keith Haring. Treat yourself to the cult characters of the artist's universe: Radiant baby, Dancers, Angels or Barking dogs will bring your interior a graphic and colorful touch. At the origin of the sketches drawn in chalk by Keith Haring on the panels of vacant advertising spaces of the New York subway, Stikboutik transforms them into XXL stickers in acid colors. (8 models from 25.95 euros)> More info on


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