Make a plastic bird for your cocktails

Make a plastic bird for your cocktails

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Divert plastic straws from their primary function to decorate your glasses! Cut, folded and assembled, they become real decoration assets to brighten up your cocktails in a creative and original atmosphere. You will need: -A flexible plastic straw -A pair of scissors -A towel -A spoon Here are the steps to turn a plastic tube into a masterpiece (in pictures at the bottom of the page): 1) The straw is made up of a short part, above its articulation and a longer part below its articulation. Cut the long section into two equal halves. 2) With the scissors, cut the smallest piece of straw lengthwise. 3)Place the cut part on the napkin and flatten it with the spoon. 4) Then fold it in half as shown in the photo. 5) Once folded, cut a wing shape, being careful not to cut the piece in half. 6)With the scissors, cut small fringes to create the feathers of your bird. 7)Then take the other piece of straw and flatten it with your fingers without crushing the joint of the straw. 8) On one of the sides you just crushed, cut the straw slightly under the fold until the straw joint. 9) Cut the piece thus formed in half lengthwise too. 10) This piece will constitute the spine and the tail of the bird. 11) Bend the straw joint to create the bird's shot. 12) Cut above the fold as in the photo. 13) Fold two of the tail parts around the third. 14) Assemble them in a knot making sure that all the pieces are the same length. 15) You should have this result: 16)Release the knot to slide the wings of the bird. 17)Tighten the knot. 18)Slightly cut off the tail then bend it with the spoon. 19)Place the bird on the rim of your glass.


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